bob top floor with dimensions and labels
Bob bottom floor front viewlayout

From Design to Finished Product

Tower Render 1

How do we do it?

Loughton Bathroom

First Step – Design


This is where the concept originates. You send us some plans, whether professionally drawn or hand drawn, and we can start modeling process. The modeling process is the very first step of our process. This is where we will analyze your plans and gather the details we need to  begin you project. Once all of the information is gathered and we understand your vision, we will then move on to the camera positions. ONce all of this is determined, we will move on to the modeling.


Step 2 – Modeling and corrections


Once we begin the modeling process, we will send you a 3D model of the design. We want to ensure that we are producing your vision exactly the way you want it. You will also be able to let us know of any corrections you want at this stage. Depending on what package you have purchased, this would complete the “model” package. If you purchased the photo-realistic package, we would move onto the next step, Rendering.


Step 3 – Rendering

This is the stage where the eye is on the details. We will break down the textures within the image and create the photo-realism to include the scene and structure. From here, we move onto the “Post-Production” stage.

2.22.17 Exterior 2
our house render

Step 4 – Post Production


We will use the latest software to drive the image home. Our goal is for the final image to be as clear as possible for your purpose. This would be the final image sent in which ever formats you need. 

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